The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.
The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.

The Inflow website has updated the ADHD blog page.

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The Inflow app is a scientifically proven therapy tool for ADHD that provides hours of educational content to help users understand their condition. It’s not economical to visit the site because the program doesn’t require a membership, but it’s a fantastic blog that everybody may enjoy!

The contributors of the Inflow blog are primarily freelance ADHD professionals who discuss topics such as working from home, having depression in addition to ADHD, the 10 stages that characterize the diagnosis, and other topics. The other writers for The Inflow blog are either parents of children with neurodiversity or have worked in the field of mental health.


The head editor also has a strong background as a scientist. You can be confident that all of the information you are receiving has been validated.

The best-liked websites for women with ADHD.

Consults A.D.D. — Terry Matlen

The A.D.D. Consulting founder Terry Matlen specializes in helping adult females with ADHD. She is a psychotherapy consultant, author, and certified ADHD coach. Terry is the author of two books: Survival Tips for Women with ADHD and The Queen of Distraction. In addition, Terry has founded other groups for those with ADHD.

They also have a sizable blog with insightful content. A portion of A.D.D. Consults’ website contains a list of resources for women with ADHD. This is a fantastic list of websites that offer anything from organizational tools and time management solutions to clothing suitable for people with ADHD.

The most popular websites for people with ADHD across all age groups and adult classifications.

ADHD Fast-moving — Gina Pear

Gina Pear, the creator of ADHD Rollercoaster, is a steadfast supporter of expert, high-caliber ADHD care and support. She is committed to debunking common misconceptions about ADHD and breaking down technical jargon to deliver trustworthy and understandable information on adult ADHD.

Since Gina is one of the co-authors of a book that many ADHD patients adore, you may have already met Gina. The book is titled Adult A.D.D., or You, Me. The consequences of receiving a late diagnosis are covered in the book, along with evidence-based treatment options.

The Marla Cummins

Reputable Degree Two ADHD trainer Marla Cummins is. She has a strong desire to lessen the negative effects of ADHD on the lives of those who suffer from it. In addition to experiencing the many advantages that come with having ADHD, it can cause problems in their day-to-day lives. It will assist you in achieving all of your objectives.

Her writing emphasizes the value of completing tasks and goals as well as developing abilities that will help you do so.

ADHD and Matrimony

Early in 2004, the company was founded by marriage counselor and authority on the interaction between ADHD and relationships Melissa Orlov. ADHD and Marriage offers a comprehensive analysis of the ways in which ADHD affects relationships and offers suggestions for raising overall satisfaction and relationship quality.

She also offers methods and recommendations on her website. Melissa also writes as a guest writer for a number of other websites, including Psychology Today. There are professional writers’ essays on ADHD & Marriage as well.

The most well-liked blogs for students and teens with ADHD.

Since 2014, The ADHD Homestead has been a reliable resource for knowledge, guidance, and understanding regarding ADHD. The website ADDResoures features Jaclyn Paul, the founder of The Homestead. ADHD Roller Coaster: Appropriate Distraction Level, among numerous others.

Since her website has been up for a while, Jaclyn has addressed a number of common ADHD issues that help students acquire critical skills that will benefit them in their academic endeavors and beyond. These include the significance of completing assignments on time and maintaining focus when faced with a challenging task.

The best parent-focused blogs about ADHD.

The Storm’s Mothering Calming the Storm Lacy Estelle (for parents of ADHD parents): She and her two oldest and middle sons were unexpectedly diagnosed with ADHD. This encouraged her to learn as much as she could about the illness and the potential effects it would have on her life, including her ability to parent.

She realized that by using her knowledge and experience, she could help other mothers find their path. That’s why she created Mothering the Storm—a “refuge for the ADHD momma.” Providing useful advice, including ten essential tools and practices her family uses to treat symptoms of ADHD, as well as doable parenting advice to assist kids with ADHD feel more confident in themselves. As an ADHD child, Lacy makes sure that no ADHD mother ever experiences worry.

Parents that assist their kids (for parents whose kids have ADHD)

Empowering Parents was founded with the goal of helping parents and caregivers perform their best work by providing them with advice based on cognitive behavioral theory. With pride, Empowering Parents provides the only truly useful, sincere, and real parenting resources that support your child’s behavior modification and quantifiable results.

ADHD is covered in detail in this section, with special attention to issues like “how to assist your child in transitioning into adulthood” and “brain exercises that can help teach your child’s brain” as well as easy-to-implement methods for enhancing focus and concentration. Everyone who provides care for a child with ADHD should read this book.

The top blogs about ADHD that are popular with scientists and researchers.

ADDA Library & Blog

It was founded more than 30 years ago to help those with ADHD enjoy life to the fullest. The most well-known group for adults with ADHD is the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA). They focus their efforts on the life transitions that have the biggest effects on those with ADHD, such as going from high school to college or work to school.

Since ADDA frequently adopts a more fact-based, scientific approach to its content rather than a first-hand narrative style, it is likely to appeal to ADHDers who prefer to know the “how” and “why” behind ideas.

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