RP – Rice Puller

  • June 14, 2024 8:24 am


  • Condition: New


We would like to Sale RP _ Rice PullerĀ  as per below Details

Product – Rice Puller

Size – Triangle Plate 900 Grams

Length – 14 Inches

RR Range – 8 Inches

Location – Delhi NCR

Testing: Location – Delhi NCR

Article Packing – Loose Packing (Kacchi Packing)
Testing: Candle, Dolphin, Color, Salt, Mirror, Rice, Tablet, Torch Test
and other relevant test will be displayed before the final movement.
Interested buyer should contact with Proper DRDO Licenses and Documents to prove that they are able to buy the product. Mediators please stay away and it will be waste of time if you trying to communication without proper documents.

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