Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs

  • January 5, 2024 4:36 am


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Minecraft 1.18 will constitute a complete Caves and Cliff update for the world of Minecraft. It is the most epic upgrade of Minecraft ever, with a huge amount of new content for Vietnamese gamers to enjoy.

Terrain changes

For more than a decade, Minecraft gamers have known that the game’s height limit is from 0 to 255, but Minecraft 1.18 will change this. Now Minecraft’s world will go as deep as -64 and go as high as 320!

At sub-zero depth, you will enter a new area called the Deepslate, where rock formations often transform into deepslate versions of themselves. Above the clouds, gamers will find up to five new mountain environments, with a variety of terrain to explore including craggy canyons, icy peaks and even flower-filled flat lands. halfway up the mountain. These terrains appear from a height of 100 and can go up to 255.

With these changes, gamers will be able to build larger underground structures and towering skyscrapers, far surpassing anything they could do in previous versions. However, mobile gamers may have difficulty because this means the game loads more and is much heavier.

Completely new environments

There are three new types of environments that will appear in Minecraft 1.18 for gamers to explore and they are all located underground. The first is that Deepslate has areas called Deep Dark. Here you will find candles, Sculk blocks and scary Warden monsters, capable of crushing the best armored player (Netherite) in just 2 or 3 hits.

Lush Cave (green cave) is a complete contrast to Deep Dark, because it is colorful and lit up by plump Glow Berries. The dim light of Glow Berry combined with the spores that Spore Blossom flowers sprinkle from above make this area very magical and romantic.

Finally, there is Dripstone Cave, caves full of stalactites hidden deep underground. Stalactites existed in 1.17, but it wasn’t until Minecraft 1.18 that they appeared naturally. These stalactite caves are generally no different from the old caves, they just look unique and less boring.

Magical new items in Minecraft 1.18

Redstone engineers in paper minecraft have long wanted something to make automation even more convenient, and now they will be satisfied with the brand new Sculk block. Sculk only exists in the Deep Dark and is guarded by the fearsome Warden, but its ability to react to sound makes it worth the risk. The red stone revolution is here, nowhere else!

A new item that also deserves mention is the bag (Bundle). It is made from 6 pieces of leather and 2 ropes, and can hold 64 random items, allowing gamers to stuff all the odd items into it and empty their inventory. This is the savior of gamers like the author, who just want to keep everything in their possession and not throw them away.


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