How to Teach Kids the Quran
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How to Teach Kids the Quran

How to Teach Kids the Quran



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Many parents are perplexed when it comes to teaching children the Quran because they do not know where to begin to attain the aim of appropriate Quranic education and instill a love of it in their hearts.

Here is a step-by-step approach to reading Quranic Arabic, as well as some learning the Quran for kids ideas that will help you teach the Quran to beginners and make the learning process much more effective:

1- Begin with the basics:

To learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed, we must first master the Arabic alphabet and learn how to read whole phrases and sentences. To read the Quran accurately, it is essential to understand the foundations of Arabic letters, including Sukoon, Shaddah, Tanween, and more.

2. Go to Teaching Tajweed for Kids:

Following that, gradually educate your child on how to recite the Quran correctly, as revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Teaching Tajweed to children teaches them how to pronounce each letter correctly and the other Quran recitation guidelines.

Learning Quran for Kids Tips and How to Teach Quran requires patience, yet it is illuminating and gratifying because each spoken Ayah counts as ten good acts. Furthermore, Prophet Muhammad stated: “Those Muslims who learn and teach the Quran are the best of all of you. (Bukhari’s Sahih)

3. Time for Hifz Programs and Quran Memorization Techniques:

You can now begin teaching children to memorize the Quran after completing the Tajweed course. Fortunately, many Hifz programs are available online, and the tutors will provide you with several strategies for efficiently memorizing the Quran. Starting with the short and straightforward Surahs and working your way up to the longer ones is a simple method for memorizing the Quran.