Elevated Haven: Discovering the Magical World of Kerala’s Tree houses

Elevated Haven: Discovering the Magical World of Kerala’s Tree houses

  • January 13, 2024 11:58 am


Tucked away in India’s south western region Kerala is a verdant gem known for its lush scenery, rich cultural legacy and tree houses, a novel style of lodging that has captivated tourists from all over the world. These lofty residences nestled within the canopy of trees provide a unique and engrossing experience that blends in with Kerala’s scenic surroundings and rich cultural heritage. This study examines the intricate relationship to natural wonders and architectural feats and historical roots that contribute to the allure of Kerala’s tree houses. See www.lockyourtrip.com for additional information.


Kerala is recognized for its magnificent tree houses which provide breath-taking scenery and paradisiacal beauty. The serene and tranquil atmosphere in which they are situated reflects their peaceful construction. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar Lake are two of this serene tourist destination’s most well-known features. Staying at this location for one or two nights is usually the recommended duration. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable place to stay Kerala has a number of gorgeous but fairly priced Treehouse in Kerala resorts.


As with traditional hut types, bamboo and eco-friendly materials are used in the construction of tree houses. The interior of the home features modern, stylish amenities such an attached bathroom and TV.A honeymoon couple found seclusion and the much needed romantic atmosphere in a treehouse ten or twenty feet above the earth. Click www.lockyourtrip.com  for more information. Couples are greeted by breath-taking vistas from every angle of the tree home. If, by any chance, you forgot to bring romance before leaving town.


The serene Green Magic Treehouse in Kerala is called Noah’s Nest Tree House.

Several of Kerala’s most well-known tree houses are Nature Zone Jungle Tree House and numerous others. Your stay will be as luxurious as possible thanks to them which are brimming with first rate amenities and excellent services. In the midst of serene Keralan forests you will get the chance to experience peace and quiet.


*(Kerala treehouse In the midst of serene Kerala forest you will get the chance to experience peace and quiet)


*The Munnar Tree House 


The goal of Kerala Tree House, a new project is to unite under one roof all Keralan hotels, resorts and vacation rentals that offer treehouse accommodations. Our native Malayalam term for tree house or Erumadam is a home with all the necessities perched atop a tree. Natural resources are utilised, such as hay, bamboo and coir. Treehouses were once 

Inhabited by tribal people. In former days tress huts were mostly used by tribes.

*Magic Tree House in Green


One of the top tree house resorts in Kerala with all the contemporary conveniences for a pleasant stay in the middle of peaceful nature. You will get the rare chance to dwell in one of Asia’s tallest tree houses, the first of its kind with water and lift facilities. Natural elements like teak wood and bamboo poles made of coconut coir make up the construction. With three tree houses spread across thirty acres of cultivated land each with unique ethnic characteristics, make up the Green Magic Resorts. A trip to the Green Magic Resort must be on your bucket list if you wish to see the changing moods of nature.


*Tree House in Thekkady


A new concept called Kerala Tree House aims to bring together all Keralan hotels, resorts and vacation rentals that provide treehouse accommodations under one roof. In our mother tongue of Malayalam, Erumadam, means tree home and refers to a house with all the comforts of home situated on a tree. Natural resources including hay, bamboo and coir are used. Tribal people used to live in tree houses. In past days tress houses were frequently used by tribes.


*The Wayanad Tree House


The ideal location for a dreamy getaway whether on a family trip or as a honeymoon spot is Tree House in Kerala, Wayanad. Erected with creativity and ethnicity in mind it is among Kerala’s best tree houses. You will feel as though you are staying in close proximity to nature and experiencing a state of sensory bliss in the resort’s overwater accommodations. As you receive friendly care and hospitality from the resort staff your concept of a delightful vacation will be transformed while you are a guest.


A complimentary breakfast, restaurant, bar/lounge, spa, laundry service, free valet parking, fitness centre, free Wi-Fi, kids’ activities, tennis court, concierge, and swimming pool are among the accommodations and activities offered.


*The Hiliya Tree House


If you are a passionate outdoorsman who knows how important it is to preserve natural resources, Hiliya Resort is the place that will fulfil all of your needs and desires during your Wayanad trip. Comforts galore for a stress-free stay in God’s dwelling are provided by the 75 year old cottage. If you would want to engage in human, powered tasks such as harvesting coffee and rubber tapping, which are integral to organic farming you can spend your time outside while not utilising the bungalow room. For additional information please visit www.lockyourtrip.com .


*Lovely Getaways: Kerala Treehouse Resorts 

Kerala has an abundance of treehouse accommodations to suit a wide range of interests and inclinations. Every treehouse offers a different haven in the natural world, whether it is in Alleppey’s serene backwaters or Munnar’s foggy highlands. Treehouse resorts offer guests not only a place to stay but also a chance to get back in touch with nature thanks to their sustainable practices. Certain facilities surpass expectations by delivering thorough immersion into Keralan living through guided nature excursions, cultural events and authentic gastronomic experiences.


*Difficulties and Durability: Maintaining the Canopy Sanctuary


Treehouses provide an immersive and sustainable way to discover Kerala but they are not without difficulties. Thorough planning and conscientious tourism practices are necessary to strike a balance between the increasing number of visitors and the preservation of the environment. To make sure that treehouse tourism has a beneficial impact on the preservation of Kerala’s natural treasure, sustainable building, trash management and community involvement are essential.


*Potential Futures: Maintaining the Canopy Dream


Kerala’s hotel industry has a promising future. Kerala is setting the bar for tree houses in Kerala tourism because of advancements in ecologically friendly construction methods, sustainable architecture and a growing interest in immersive travel worldwide. The state’s commitment to safeguarding its natural resources and promoting moral travel bodes well for this unique housing option’s further growth.


*These treetop residences serve as beacons of sustainable living offering not simply a place to rest but also a sanctuary where the soul may soar as travellers seek out more profound and immersive experiences. Treehouses in Kerala invite travellers to ascend into a world where embracing nature is a way of life rather than merely a choice and the canopy serves as a canvas for cultural discovery.


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