Custom Candle Boxes – The Drawbacks Of Below Par Packaging

Custom Candle Boxes – The Drawbacks Of Below Par Packaging

  • May 15, 2024 10:49 pm
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Usually manufacturers think that they can do away with packaging that is normal. It’s not that high in quality or in design. But they notice that their sales have decreased considerably. Yes, of course, the reason is their packaging indeed. They were not careful with the one thing that can either make their product a huge success or a complete failure. It’s their Custom Candle Boxes. They weren’t inclined to making them better because they thought that ‘Hey! It’s just some packaging people are just going to throw away then why worry about it so much?’ Well, this is actually where they are wrong. Packaging is the one thing that will make people attracted to your product, regardless of what’s inside. Because obviously, they have no idea about the product inside.

Of course, they do know its a candle, or a vape, or some cosmetic. But they don’t know the quality of it, they have not seen the product in particular and they don’t know how it’s going to work. So in other words, they have no clue about what’s inside until they open it. And they can only do that when they buy your product. But for that, they first need to be attracted to your packaging in order to buy it.

So let’s make this one thing clear. Packaging plays a pivotal role in your sales. If you do not focus on that, you can lose more than just your sales. Let’s have a look at all those drawbacks other than sales if you do not work on your packaging.

Candles Will Get Cracked Or Damaged

Candles are delicate, they are sensitive. They can easily break or crack if they have a fall. So in order to protect the product, it needs something around it to keep in secure. What better way to keep candles protected than the packaging itself. The boxes that you make for candles will definitely be special enough because these are indeed sensitive to fall or jerk. Therefore, any material that you will use for the candle products will be durable enough to keep those products safe and secure. Furthermore, sometimes the products are in glass. Another fragile item that can easily break if it crashes. Now in times like these, you product needs to reach its customers safe because if it doesn’t, they won’t buy it. They will return the product which in turn will cost you.

They Won’t Be Safe From External Hazards

Candles can easily melt because of heat. They can’t stand moisture. Dust not being good for them. These external factors are never good for a candle. And if you wish to keep it safe from these, you need something around the product – like a packaging of course.

They Won’t Be Easy To Ship Or Store

You cannot send of candles without any packaging to the warehouse or retail stores. During shipping, since the product being careful to handle, will not be that easy to ship. You will either end up paying more to send them off safely, or the candles will simply break or crack during the transportation process. So what’s best for them in times like these? You guessed it right, it’s the boxes that you create for candles. Similarly, you cannot store the candles without any packaging around them for long. They won’t be able to stand all the external environmental elements. Therefore, it’s best that the candles have some sort of material around them which will allow them to be stored for a longer period.

Not an Ideal Gift

Candles are considered one of the most ideal gift. But without any luxury candle packaging, they are just some candles that won’t have the right appeal or feel. It won’t look nice handing a candle in the hands of your loved one. But when the candles are packed beautifully, they are the most ideal and exclusive gifts you can give someone you love or care about.

These are the things that your custom packaging for candles require if you want your product to stay in the market. Make note and work on these.

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